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Sources for our news

We use the following sources for our news. We consider them the best sources of 2A and gun news out there.

  • Ammoland
  • Guns.com
  • Soldier Systems Daily
  • The Firearm Blog
  • The Shooting Wire
  • Pew Pew Tactical
  • Recoil
  • Ballistic Magazine
  • Breach Bang Clear
  • The Truth About Guns
  • The Reload

At Pew Report, we deeply value the integrity of our news aggregation service and believe that high-quality sources are essential for providing reliable, timely information to our users. We carefully curate our news from a diverse range of trusted, reputable news outlets and publications, and take pride in presenting the most relevant stories from around the globe.

Our team is committed to meticulous evaluation of every source we include, ensuring they meet our stringent standards of credibility, accuracy, and journalistic integrity. This careful curation process allows us to provide you with a comprehensive view of current events, free from misinformation and bias.

We respect the hard work and intellectual property rights of our source publications. The information we display aligns with what’s shown in Google search results, ensuring respect for the original content creators. We do not display full articles, but rather snippets and headlines, always directing you to the original source to read the full story. This approach ensures that original publishers maintain their rightful ownership and credit for their content.

We are continually reviewing and updating our source list to provide the most accurate, diverse, and relevant news coverage. Our commitment to respecting and crediting our sources is unwavering, and we believe this respect is crucial in upholding the principles of fair and ethical journalism.

Thank you for trusting Pew Report as your preferred news aggregation service. Your support allows us to maintain our commitment to accurate, respectful news aggregation.